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The Easter Story

I went to Jerusalem, I followed Jesus there
I loved him 'cause he loved me first, and showed me how to care
He said that in Jerusalem, that we would say good-bye
You know, it never crossed my mind that he meant the he would die
But the high priests and the Romans, they said that he was bad
Maybe they were jealous of the love that Jesus had
So they took him and they hurt him and they nailed him to a cross
and when I saw that he was dead, I thought that we were lost
So those of us who followed him, we figured we'd go home
We did not know just what to do and we felt so all alone
Mary who was with us then, she said, before we go
I would like to find the Lord, and touch him just once more
But we said, Mary don't you know they've laid him in a tomb
And sealed it with a rock so big that it cannot be moved
But she said, don't you see, I've got to go now  to his side
And if I can't get in that tomb I'll just stand outside and cry!
So, early Sunday morning she woke without a word
And Mary and a friend of hers went to find the Lord
And when they finally reached the tomb they did not know what to say
The stone they thought could not be moved had been rolled out of the way
So Mary slowly walked up to the tomb and looked inside
And She just stood there speechless - she could not believe her eyes!
Inside was an angel!  All Mary could do was stare

Then all at once she noticed, that Jesus was not there!
And the angel said, Mary he has risen, as he said he would
Go and tell the world that he's alive! He's alive!
Well at first Mary was frightened, then she turned to run outside
Then all at once she stopped, and said, Oh God - He's still alive!
He's alive!  He's alive!  He's still alive! (shouted)
He's still alive, alive today
Jesus is risen from the grave! He's alive, let's spread the news!
There's nothing here but an empty tomb!
He's alive!  He's still alive!


Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
1992, Crosswind Music.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 16 years ago

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