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There Really Is A God (The Daycare Song)

"There Really Is A God" (The Daycare Song)

Michelle and her husband ran a daycare
They did it for love, and not much money
Word got around, they turned no children down
Even when their parents couldn't pay
And sometimes their friends would tell them
You know you can't do business this way
Michelle and her husband would gently respond
We're just trying to live as though
There really is a God

A mother of two kids, her name was Suzanne
She dropped off her children every morning
She never once paid, and at first that was O.K.
But after a while, Michelle felt used
And then one day Suzanne and her kids just disappeared
Michelle and the daycare got ripped off
Fine thanks for living as though
There really is a God

But not long after that, Michelle was praying one night
And this picture of Suzanne just flashed into her mind
And then this thought came out of nowhere, that said
"Find out where Suzanne lives,
and take a bag of groceries to her kids"

Well at first Michelle thought "no way"
"She ripped me off - why should I be kind/"
But every time she prayed, Suzanne came to her mind
So she finally said "all right!"
And she took those groceries by
There was no one at the door
She left the groceries on the porch

A year or so later, Michelle was driving
A couple of towns away one day
When to her surprise, some children caught her eye
And sure enough, it was Suzanne's kids
Well at first Michelle was tempted
To just keep driving on
But something deep inside said, "Stop"
Things like this happen when
There really is a God

Well the kids were glad to see Michelle
They gave her great big hugs
They said, "Michelle, come see where we live now"
Suzanne was at the door, and said
Michelle I'm glad you've come
Can I get you some coffee?
Please sit down

Then she said, Michelle, I'm sorry -
I never paid your bill
And you prob'ly won't believe me,
but I promise you I will
And I'd really like to tell you why things
happened as they did
Michelle said, there's no need
But Suzanne said, let me, please

You see I was married to a very angry man
He took all I had, I took his abuse
Then he just took off;
I was evicted with two hungry kids
I had no one that I could turn to
And I'm not proud of what I'm going to tell you now
But I was so hopeless and desperate
That I pawned my wedding ring,
and I bought myself a gun
And I planned to take my life,
and the lives of both my sons

But driving back home from the pawn shop
I cried out "Hey God, if you're really there!"
I need to know now! And God, I'm not messing around
And as I pulled into the drive
There were two huge bags of groceries on my porch
And Michelle, I know you prob'ly think I'm odd
But those groceries proved to me that
There really is a God

And believing God was with her, Suzanne was not alone
She grabbed the yellow pages,
and called a church up on the phone
And she says, from that day forward,
its like I've had a brand new life
And Michelle, well,
she never mentioned who brought those groceries by

Michelle and her husband run a daycare
They do it for love and not much money
And sometimes their friends still tell them
You know, you can't do business this way
But they just smile and gently respond
We're just trying to live as though
There really is a God


Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1999.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 16 years ago

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