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Don't Be Surprised

I ran into a friend
Hadn't seen him in a while
But in his eyes I saw some wear and tear
I said how have you been?
As he tried to force a smile
He said I guess I've had my cross to bear (Mark 8:34-35)
And I said man what do you mean?
He said I lost my job last week
I wouldn't lie to make the boss look good
And I took my friend aside
And we prayed until we cried
And as he walked away this thought ran through my mind

Don't be surprised when your life's not easy
Don't be surprised when you pay a price
Because no servant is above the master (John 15:20) (Matthew 10:22)
And the master said we should not be surprised

I heard a preacher say
Just give your life to Jesus Christ
And he will take your troubles all away
Well I don't know it all
But I do know my own life
And I know I still feel my share of pain
And maybe it don't sound as nice
To preach the cost of knowing Christ (Luke 14:25-33)
Its not a truth which makes attendance swell
But the Lord Himself once said
On the night before he bled
If they hated me this world will hate you too (John 15:18-19)

(Chorus Twice)


Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1990.
All Rights Reserved.

updated: 16 years ago

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