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Put It In The Hands

A long time ago back in Bible time the one we call the Son of God
was on a mountainside, and he talked about God, he talked about
love, and the people who listened couldn't get enough.  The day
rolled along and it began to get dark, and the people back then
didn't drive any cars; it was time to go home but their homes
were too far, the master said people you stay where you are, and

Whatever you got, a little or a lot
You gotta put it in the hands of Jesus (repeat)

Now the 12 said Jesus what are we gonna do?  There's over 5000
people and we got no food.  You better send them away before we
have a bad scene, but the master said well you can give them what
they need.  The Bible doesn't tell us what went on in their heads,
but they were learning to do whatever Jesus said, particularly
when he seemed to make no sense, so they found a little boy with
some fish and bread, and...


Well now they prob'ly thought well this will never go around - I
mean what are 2 fish among such a crowd?  But whatever they
thought they didn't think it too loud, the master said go and make
the people sit down.  And he took the bread and fish and he began to
pray - gave thanks to the one who feeds us every day, then he
gave the bread and fish to the people there, and they were more
than satisfied with the meal they shared...


Now if you're looking for a message in the words I say, some kind
of moral to the story you can take away, well there's no end to
meaning in a story so rich, but I'll give you one and it goes like
this.  Whoever you are, you may be big or small, you may be living
in a shack or in the Taj Mahal, you take whatever you got and in
the Savior's hands, its more than enough to carry out the plan,
because a little in the hands of the God of all is bigger than
big, and taller than tall, so whenever you find yourself against
the odds, you got to give the situation to the Son of God...



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
1991, Crosswind Music.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 16 years ago

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