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Claimed, Called, And Sent

from Bryan Sirchio Live! (To buy CD to be shipped to you select Order/Ship Physical CD;  for downloads select the blue "buy" tab at the bottom of the track list)

Claimed by Christ
Sent by the Holy Spirit
Claimed, called and sent out
To live the word of God

We have been called by the God of the universe
Source and Creator of the Earth
Called by the One who has given birth to us all
Claimed by the God who has come to us
Claimed by the God we can always trust
Claimed by the One who empowers us to become the church


We have been called by the One whom the prophets heard
Called to proclaim Yahweh's word
Called to receive what we cannot earn on our own
Called to become God's own witnesses
Called to embody the word in flesh
Called to be those through whom God can bless and sow seeds of love


We have been sent to the wounded and to the poor
Sent to the neighbor next door
Sent to the seeker who knows there's more to this life
Sent to make peace when the nations rage
Sent to help systems and structures change
Sent to speak out where injustice reigns and to take a stand



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
1991, Crosswind Music.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 15 years ago

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