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All I Needed

A couple years ago if someone had said to me
You will soon be going to church and singing songs like these
I'd have said you're crazy -- you see religion's not for me
I don't need a money hungry church preaching hypocrisy

You see I'd never seen a Christian who was any different from me
Except for these do's and don'ts that they could never keep
They'd go to church on Sunday, but their lives stayed just the same
No better off on Monday - it seemed just like some foolish game (but)

All I needed was to see God's love in another
To be loved just like a brother
With the love only God can give
To sense God loving me through another's life
Was really quite enough
God fills a heart with love
And love's on thing I can't deny

Well I'd heard about how Jesus came to die for all my sins
But saw no reason why I should let him in
You see God seemed like this concept, too for removed from me
I wouldn't acknowledge anything I couldn't first touch and see

But then I met this Christian, and she really knew the Lord
And when I saw God's love in her, it wasn't long before
I bowed down before God with tears rolling from my eyes
Asking God to give me love-to come and live inside me (Rev. 3:20)



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
1991, Crosswind Music.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 16 years ago

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