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The Convergence Music Project!! (CMP)

The Convergence Music Project CMP

Update as of November 22nd, 2016-- The Convergence Music Project is now up and running!

The website URL is

You can still opt in to the special CMP mailing list here, and read on if you're new to CMP and would like to learn more about the vision for this new source of worship music with great theology and language.

Also, CMP will be holding it's first live retreat event in Nashville, TN from Feb. 7-10, 2017.  It's called, "Convergence Music, Worship, and Liturgy."
Here's a link to more information about that event and how to register.

Please sign this opt-in form to be placed on a special list of those interested in possibly becoming a CMP "early adopter" and participating in our initial test group offering.

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Read on to learn more about CMP!

I and a team of CMP collaborators are excited to let you know about a new worship music company that we're starting.

It’s called the Convergence Music Project, or CMP for short.

There are some amazing artists, writers, and church leaders at the heart of this new start up with me. Folks such as Brian McLaren, Cameron Trimble and the Center for Progressive Renewal, Doug Pagitt, Christopher Grundy, Andra Moran, Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan, Mark Miller, Rob Leveridge, Micky ScottBey Jones, and many others.

And we’re asking for your help.

Specifically, we’re looking for a core group of “early adopters” who will be so excited to see this kind of company coming into being that you’ll sign up to be among our first customers and participate in a test group experience.

Participation in this group means you’ll be in conversation with those of us starting this company and be willing to let us know what you think about the music, the website, and how we’re offering our various products and services. We really need your feedback and ideas and help to shape this company from the outset.

How will CMP be work?

In a nutshell, CMP will be an online source of new songs (downloadable songs and sheet music) for worship and community singing that all have great messages and solid theology. The songs will be available individually on our site and will be indexed and categorized so that it’s easy to find the kinds of songs you need. There will also be a subscription membership for churches that will include many “value added” features that we think churches will absolutely love.

By “great theology,” we're talking about the kind of messages that I (Bryan Sirchio) wrote about in my book, The 6 Marks of Progressive Christian Worship Music, and the kind of approach to the Christian faith that world reknown author Brian McLaren has been writing about powerfully in his books for years.

So What Are We Asking You To Do Now?

We're asking you to please sign the opt in form at the top of this page if you would like to receive more information about CMP and what it would mean for you or your congregation to become one of our early adopters.

This will put you on a special mailing list and we will then send you more information about our initial offering and how you can be among the first to join us in launching CMP.

We hope to hear from you!

Signing the opt-in form does not obligate you to do or purchase anything!

It just means that you are interested in learning more about this company and the possibility of becoming an early adopter. Your name will placed on a separate list of folks who have expressed interest in finding out more and possibly playing a key role in helping us launch CMP.

Thanks so much and I and the CMP team hope to hear from you!

Bryan Sirchio

Posted Initially August 18, 2015
Last updated November 22, 2016

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