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Dan Stood Here

The boys and girls in Sunday school remember Mr. Dan
The nice old man who stood next to the door
Every Sunday morning, Dan would smile at the kids
As they entered class to learn about the Lord
I heard the news the other day that Mr. Dan had died
A service had been scheduled to remember Daniel's life

The church was packed with years and years of kids from Sunday school
And many now have children of their own
The pastor said, "I think we all know where Dan used to stand
As he'd greet our kids with smiles and hellos."
And then the pastor read a plaque in memory of Dan
Which now hangs on the wall where Mr. Dan would always stand

And the plaque says, "Dan stood here
Forty years of Sunday mornings
A ministry of smiling at the children of the church
Dan stood here
Gently calling to us to ask,
Where do we stand in our service to the Lord?"

I couldn't help but sense that God was speaking to us all
As we looked at how old Mr. Dan had lived
You know, some folks come to church to see what they can take away
But a man like Dan just came to church to give
And Mr. Dan did not have much by standards of this world
But God knows all that Dan gave to the church's boys and girls


And I left that church service
Thanking God for showing me
That nothing done in Jesus' love is small
A smile, a hug, a warm hello
Might mean more than we see
A gift from Mr. Dan's life to us all



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
1991, Crosswind Music.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 16 years ago

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