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Crosswind Music



Perfect Pastor

O Lord we're gathered here tonight
To find a pastor for our church
We pray that you will guide
his here committee as we search
And if its all the same to you
We've written down a thought or two
About the kind of pastor we'd appreciate from you

O Lord we're only asking for a perfect pastor
We know for you no order is too tall
If you can make the universe in less than a week
You can make a perfect pastor in no time at all
O Lord we're only asking for a perfect pastor
A little less than an angel will be fine
But we'll settle for no less than a perfect pastor
We're tired of the plain old human kind

Now Lord we're open minded here
We'll take a woman or a man
'cause gender never does affect our choice
Yes we'll look at any she
Who's got the qualities
Of being at least six foot tall
With a deep down preacher voice

And Lord we'd like an older man
Someone polished and mature
But young enough to still be looking great
We'd like someone to wow us
With administrative prowess
How 'bout forty years experience
At age thirty eight?


(Bridge) And the perfect pastor visits all the needy
And he's in his office every single day
And when it comes to salary he's not greedy
He'll take just what you give him
And then give it all away

O we don't' believe that we
Are hard to satisfy
But after all our standards should be high
So when you find the time
Simply zap on down a guy
Who's mastered being everything to everyone all the time



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1990
All Rights Reserved.

updated: 16 years ago

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