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Table Of Friendship And Love

"Table of Friendship & Love"

I met this teenage heavy metal freak
He blew my mind away
When I found out what he did in his school one day
He said I've never gotten into all these "clique-y" groups at school
I mean someone's always left out -- not everybody's cool
But then he went on this church retreat
And he heard how Jesus talked about a table where everyone belongs

He said I got this wild idea -- at first I had to think it through
You see you can't be too direct these days with religious stuff at school
He said I even said a prayer that God would show me what to do
And then he told me exactly what he did (he said)

I found an empty table in the cafeteria
I put a sign in the middle that said
Friendship and Love
No one needs a clique here
There's a place for everyone
At the table of Friendship and Love

He said I sat there all alone at first
Feeling kind of like a jerk
He started thinking maybe this idea's not gonna work
But it was like a sign from Heaven
When this freshman nerd walked up
And said, is this for real?
And the metal head kid said, yup

So they ate their lunch together -- the thrasher and the nerd
And it was like they sent a message -- that was way too deep for words
And it didn't take too long before everybody heard
About this radical new thing going on (at that)


And he said you won't believe it man, but at our school each day
We've got jocks and heads and nerds and freaks
And every social class and race
Breaking bread together -- and though we're not allowed to pray
When the walls come down like that--
How can God be far away ...from a



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1995.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 14 years ago

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