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If God's Alive

"If God's Alive"

Debbie's worried about her best friend Beth
Lately man she's been so depressed
Its like nothing's right, she hates her life
And she might just end it all
But Debbie says Beth I care about you
Let's get some help and work this through
'Cause though its bad right now
That's not how this story needs to end ...because

If God's Alive, If God's Alive
If God's Alive, the future's open wide
If the God of Christ exists
No matter how messed up it is
If God's alive the future's open wide

Bobbie's daddy used to pound those beers
Bobbie's family lived in constant fear
'cause when dad got drunk, he'd start to punch
Bobbie hated going home
But Bobbie's daddy doesn't drink these days
He's found the Lord, and he's found AA
And its gonna take time, but they're all gonna try
To build a brand new life ...because


I was looking at the TV screen
Saw hungry babies in a third world scene
And it made me cry, I mean who am I, to have more than I need?
Homeless people living on the street
But I thank God this stuff gets to me
And I won't lose heart -- I'll do my part
Even when it feels like a drop in the bucket


Mary thought everything was lost
Saw him die on a Roman cross
And her hopes were crushed,
She guessed he just wasn't who he said he was
But Sunday morning everything was changed
What she saw took her breath away
'cause the angel said -- he is not dead!
Go and tell this wounded world ...that your



Words & Music By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1995.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 14 years ago

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