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Best Stuff

"Best Stuff"

Jim & Jodie been going out steady
Since they both were sophomores
All alone the passion gets heavy
Jimmy always wants more
Jodie says, I know how you feel,
And I believe our love is real
But there's a part of me that I'm keeping for my wedding day
Jimmy says, come on -- its the 90's
No one waits these days
Jodie says the man who weds me is
Gonna find I was worth the wait ('cause)

The best stuff, the real stuff
The set you free stuff -- you know it don't come cheap
The best stuff, I mean the real stuff,
The set you free stuff -- it never does come easy
And that's how it is with me

Jimmy said Jodie I'm going crazy!
If you loved me you'd do it--
Jodie said Jim I told you I'm waiting
Don't try to push me into it
Jimmy said hey if you won't give in
Maybe we should just call it quits
Jodie said Jimmy I really love you
But I don't like you much right now
Jimmy said well then let's just break up
I've waited long enough
Jodie said don't you see -- this is why
I'm glad that we didn't make love!
(and Jimmy...)


Later on that night, Jodie got on her knees & prayed
She said Lord -- I felt close to you today
'Cause as Jimmy was breaking my heart
I thought of you up on that cross
And its like I saw what you did in a brand new way
And I thought, its true...
The best stuff... the real stuff... the set you fee stuff... it never does come easy

Jodie hasn't dated for a while now
She's still not over Jimmy
When someone says I love you then you find out
That all he meant was "gimme"
Its kind of like it shakes your heart up
You really don't know who to trust
But Jodie smiles and says I'll be all right
I know I'll heal with time
And she believes that someday she'll find
When every piece is in place
A guy who'll say Jodie you turn me on, but
I really think we should wait, 'cause Jodie...

(Chorus - last line) ...and that's how I want us to be


Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1995.

updated: 14 years ago

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