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Bumper Sticker Witness

"Bumper Sticker Witness"

I was driving down the interstate just minding my own business
When moving slow in the left hand lane was a 57 Plymouth
I flashed my lights to get her over to the right
But she would not move and then I knew
That this was no run of the mill mobile

As I pulled up close I saw that entire car was covered
With umpteen million bumper stickers, one next to the other
And every single sticker was a message for a sinner
And then I realized I'd pulled up behind

A bumper sticker witness
She's a bumper sticker witness
And she drives it to the limit for the Lord
She's got a holy rollin' Plymouth
And that woman's zeal is driven
She's a bumper sticker witness for the Lord

(I started reading) Jesus saves; His pain your gain;
I found it, Praise the Lord!;
The God I worship is not dead, I'm sorry to hear about yours;
Jesus Christ is tough as nails and he was dyin' for you to meet him
May your words be sweet and tender, 'cause tomorrow you might just eat 'em


If I did not know the Lord I would not get caught dead
Have a little patience, God's not through with me yet
One life to live, will soon be past
Only what we do in Christ will last
And warning, in case of rapture this car will crash!

When it seems there's no way out then let the Saviour in
Make the Lord your captain and your team will always win
She's got her foot on the rock and her name on the roll
And she tunes her AM radio to the DJ of her dreams--
Paul Harvey... good day!


Well I must admit these bumper stickers used to make me snicker
But these cranking Christianese machines just might be saving sinners
And maybe when we reach those pearly gates we'll be surprised
To find that heaven's filled with folks who once pulled up behind...



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1995.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 14 years ago

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