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Lisa, If You're Listening

"Lisa, If You're Listening"

It seems we're all born thirsty for the cup of happiness
Its almost like we're homesick for a place we've not seen yet
Could it be that longing is a gift from the Spirit's hand
A thirst that's meant to lead us -- to look for a Promised Land
Well maybe you've been thirsty
But you're not really sure what for
You've looked for satisfaction
Everywhere except in the Lord

Lisa started drinking -- she steals her daddy's gin
She says that when she's wasted she feels like she fits in
Her parents give her money
So she buys lots of stuff at the mall
Her closet's full but Lisa feels so empty with it all
But Lisa if you're listening, there's something that I need to say
Girl it's not your fault you feel emptied out this way, because

Somebody sold us the Brooklyn Bridge
I'm telling you that's how it is
The things they said would satisfy
Can never touch that thirst inside
And I believe that what we're all longing for is Christ

Some folks try to quench that thirst with things that they can buy
Some run from one lover to the next but they don't know why
Some just hide the hunger by living way too fast
And some just give up hoping that any good thing lasts
But Lisa if you're listening, don't pretend that your life's just fine
'Cause Jesus might be trying to reach way down inside (and show you)


There's a Fountain flowing with what you're longing for
And people find that water, when they know they need the Lord
So if you know you're thirsty, well there's a cup that we all can share
And there's a special table with a place set for you there

So sit down Lisa... Welcome home Lisa...


Words & Music By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1995.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 14 years ago

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