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Sorry If my newsletter was hard to read!

Hi friends--

I meant to mention in the newsletter I just sent out that some of you are evidently receiving my newsletter with black type on a very dark background.  If so, I'm sorry about that!  It's supposed to be white type on a black background, just like the home page on my website.

I've spoken with my webmasters about this and they tell me that the problem has something to do with the settings of certain computers and/or the e-mail programs that some folks use.  It's above my head technologically, but it's happening to enough of you that I'm going to change the letter ASAP so that it's just good old black type on a lighter background.  

Sorry to strain your eyes, and thanks for being patient!  

Grace and Peace,


P.S.  Already a number of you have e-mailed me asking about the February trip to Haiti.  All the details are on the "Bryan and Haiti" section of my website
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