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December Newsletter

newsletter imageGreetings friends,

I hope you're having a meaningful Advent so far.  It's snowy and cold in Wisconsin as I write this, but I'm about to get a break from the cold because I'll be traveling to Haiti in a couple of days.  Want to come along?  I'm only half kidding!

I know, it's too late to join me this time, but part of the reason I'm going is to do some advance preparation for a group trip to Haiti which I'll be leading from February 8-17, 2009.  There are still a few spots open, so I'm serious--would you like to go to Haiti with me?  If so,  you can read more about the trip by visiting my website and clicking on the "Bryan and Haiti" navigation tab.  E-mail or call if you've got any questions.

I've got a few Haiti related Christmas gift ideas for you if you're looking for something unique and meaningful...

A woman named Margaret Trost traveled to Haiti with me on a similar trip in January, 2000.  Margaret met a priest friend of mine from Port au Prince on that trip and helped him and his church start a feeding program in his church's community.  I'm on the board of directors of her foundation, and it's been a joy to watch this effort blossom, largely because of Margaret's gifted leadership.  The program now feeds about 7500 meals each week.  It's awesome.

Margaret was initially inspired to go to Haiti because of a song of mine she heard called "Staring At My Overflowing Plate."  It's on my "Songs For Justice Walkers" CD in case you'd like to hear it.  Margaret has written a book about her first trip to Haiti called On That Day Everyone Ate, and it's really a very moving account of her personal journey.  You can get it from Amazon and I highly recommend it.  It would make a great Christmas gift!

Some of you are also familiar with the Wooden Bells I've been selling for years for friends of mine in Haiti who carve them.  They are beautifully hand carved out of Mahogany wood, and on them is the inscription, 'No one listens to the cry of the poor or the sound of a wooden bell."  I'll be bringing quite a few of them back with me next week, so if any of you would like to give those as gifts, please let me know.  They cost $10 each plus postage, and I sell these on a break even basis.  They are made by talented artisans from one of the poorest neighborhoods on the planet, and the sales of these bells help them feed their families.  Please e-mail me if you're interested.

And of course I'd be happy to personally sign any CDs of mine that you might like to give as presents.  In fact Margaret's book, a wooden bell, and my" Songs For Justice Walkers" CD would make a great gift package.  That CD contains both the song "Staring At My Overflowing Plate" and a live concert version of "The Wooden Bell."

Sorry I don't have any new recordings to offer at this point.  I was really hoping to have my new 24 song CD ready in time for Christmas, but I'm afraid it's not going to be available until early next year.  But I'm making great progress on it in the studio these days, and I'm really happy with how the tracks are sounding.  I'll let you know when it's ready, and I'll post some "free downloads" of songs from this project on my website as soon as they're available.

Thanks as always for your support of my music and ministry.  It was great hearing from a bunch of you in response to my last newsletter.  And I really do hope that some of you will check out this trip to Haiti in February.  God willing, I'll be taking a group about every 6 months, so if this one doesn't work out in terms of timing, chances are I'll be going again in late July or early August.

Have an Advent full of holy longing, and may your Christmas be truly wonder-full,

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