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Fully Alive

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Fully Alive

Words & Music by Bryan Sirchio

I want to open my heart a little wider

Let Spirit in a little deeper

Love with a Love that’s on fire

And be fully alive

There is a phrase…that comes to us

From the Church father… Irenaeus

The Glory of God…is a human

Fully alive…fully alive!


Jesus proclaimed…good news to the poor

Hearts that are broken…will all be restored

Christ said it’s time…for Jubilee

Perfect release…everyone free!


How does a rose…open its heart?

And give this world…its beautiful art

Encouraged by Light…warm on its being

It casts fear aside…and opens up wide…


Note: 3rd verse was drawn heavily from the Sufi Mystic poet Hafiz’s “It Felt Love”

updated: 7 years ago

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