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Inside The Whale

Inside the Whale

Words and Music by Bryan Sirchio

Jonah heard God call and tried to run away

Confronting Ninevah was not Jonah’s plan A

Amazing what a couple days inside a whale can change

Whales are where we hear the call and stop drifting away

And could it be, grace is so amazing

That in the end it’s impossible to fail

Could grace mean, nothing’s ever wasted

Including time we spend inside the whale

There have been some times when God has called my name

And just as Jonah did, I’ve tried to sail away

Been swallowed by some whales until my running was complete

Truth is there are things I’ve needed whales to help me see


Bridge: And sometimes God it’s not that I am trying to run away

It’s just that I’m not sure it’s you I hear

So thank you for the time you knew I needed to believe the Voice was yours

Sometimes it’s taken me years

Jonah finally did what Yahweh called him to

Even though he took the less efficient root

But maybe that’s why this whale of a tale still speaks to me

‘Cause I have not reached where I am today too easily


updated: 8 years ago

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