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I Am Welcome

I Am Welcome

Words and Music By Bryan Sirchio

It’s kind of complicated, but sometimes it’s easier to love another

than to love myself

It’s not that I feel worthless, or that I’ve no self-esteem

It’s that I know my own shortcomings all too well

It’s funny, ‘cause if someone told me what I just told you

I’d quickly tell them, man there’s nothing you could ever say or do

That could take away God’s crazy, relentless love for you

And even though my head believes that that’s the truth…

My heart sometimes won’t listen to my best theology

It’s like the grace I love to sing about is meant for everyone but me

So Spirit, come and find me—I think I’m needing to relearn

That my place at your Table is not something I must earn (‘cause…)

Chorus: I am welcome

I am welcome

I am loved just as I am (repeat)

When I think about Jesus I’m amazed by all the ways

Jesus welcomed those folks thought were lost or wrong

You’d have to know his culture to catch all the subtle ways

Jesus told those who’d been excluded that they belonged

I wonder what it felt like to look into Jesus’ eyes

And to feel completely naked, yet to have no need to hide

Oh Christ I know you know me, and so I’m looking now at you

Let me see into your eyes and know its true (that…)


Bridge: Some of us have skeletons in closets that often haunt us

And some have been put down so much we’re convinced

even God couldn’t want us

But here’s the bottom line—the deepest truth about our lives

Is revealed as we embrace these simple words…

Chorus I am welcome, I am welcome, I am loved just as I amI am welcome, you are welcom
We are loved just as we are. O Spirit burn this Truth into our hearts.

updated: 8 years ago

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