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Plenty of Time Left To Give My Music For Christmas!!

Plenty of Time Left To Give My Music For Christmas
2018 Advent Greetings to you all!

Click here to be taken right to Bryan Sirchio Music Christmas gift specials

I'm sitting in the airport in Alburquerque, NM on my way back from a retreat with Father Richard Rohr and a bunch of amazing Progressive Christian friends and colleagues who are a part of an organization called Red Letter Christians (founded by my friends Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo). What a privilege to be with that group of inspiring prophetic visionaries who are deeply committed to the Gospel of Justice and Love.

I'll trust you can pick me out of the photo... (on the right 2 persons from Fr. Rohr)

It's been an amazing year of getting to work with some increcibly talented and gifted musicians, theologians, and activisits. 2018 is going to be amazing!

The Convergence Music Project--the company I have taken a lead role in bringing into being (an online source of worship music with the kind of theology, language and messages I wrote about in my book, "The 6 Marks of Progressive Christian Worship Music," is really taking off now. I am grateful beyond words at what the Spirit has brought into being.

Please take a minute to visit the Convergence Music Project website that I have labored over and see what I have been pouring myself into these past couple of years.

If you are a pastor or church musician by all means read about our membership offer through which the entire CMP website full of songs can become your own congregation's library of great new music. And be sure to check the site out often because we'll be uploading LOTS of new songs in the next several weeks and months.

I'll write more soon and fill you in on all the things I'm involved in and also give you an updated event schedule (lots on the books for 2018!), but right now I just want to get this newsletter to you to remind you that my music and books...ahem...

...make great Christmas gifts!!

There are a BUNCH of Christmas gift specials on my website. Click Here to be taken to that page for more information.

Great deals on my children's music and the "Wherever Love Is" book for kids that I co-wrote book I wrote with my talented friend Sherry Favre.

Feel free to call (608) 577-8716 me to email me at to expedite your order on the phone and to ask for a quantity discount, or for me to sign something, or for me ship it to someone for you if you're worried about time.

Whatever I can do to help you give a meaningful gift of my music and books will be my pleasure!

Thanks so much and I hope to see you "out there" at an event of some kind in 2018!!

Grace and Peace to you all,

Bryan Sirchio
December 10, 2017
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