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Bryan Sirchio Music Newsetter

Bryan Sirchio Music Newsetter
Greetings Friends,

Today is a really special day for me!

After over 2 years of dreaming, business plans, networking with countess musicians and theologians, building out a complex website, and lots of testing, the Convergence Music Project is officially live and open for business!

You have no idea how glad it makes me to be able to write those words!

Here's a link to a video I put together that describes what CMP is all about.

I hope this new source of music excites you as much as it does me. This is really the fruition of the dream I expressed in my book, The 6 Marks of Progressive Christian Worship Music, that a whole new genre of sacred music would soon come into being with great theology and lyrics.

I've written to you about this new company before, and a bunch of you opted in to the "Early Adopters Membership" email list on my website.

But if this is new to you, Convergence Music Project (CMP) is a new internet based source of music for worship that I, author Brian McLaren, Cameron Trimble of the Center for Progressive Renewal, and a bunch of other amazing songwriters and artists and theologians have put together.

What's most unique about CMP is the theology and language of the lyrics. The songs all use inclusive language and all have great theology and messages. There are lots of different musical styles respresented on the site, and the songs are indexed so that people can find the exact song they need for the exact moment in worship it's needed.

So please check it out and let me know what you think! I and a creative team of web designers are committed to making this vision a reality, and I'm proud of how it's turning out and thrilled that the "doors" are finally open!

And to be blunt, I would love for you to download music on the site!

You'll be amazed at the wide range of artists and styles on the site and at how good their music and messages are.

And, I'd LOVE it...

if you would consider making a contribution toward our start up costs if this kind of company is something you're excited to see happening. We chose not to do a traditional crowd sourcing campaign and to instead launch with actual customers. But startup funds are definitely needed and so if you're able to contribute something to help us cover launching costs I can't tell you how much that would be appreciated. Every amount is needed, and nothing is too small. And your prayers and good energy are wanted and needed! As Haitian friends of mine sometimes say, "Thank you in advance."

Chip In to Support CMP Here.

(Your gift is fully tax deductible and you will be sent a tax receipt)

Okay on to some other news.

In addition to leading CMP, I'm still "out there" lots doing concerts, leading worship services, leading retreats, sharing new music, and loving it. Still doing some Youth Retreats which I love as much as ever after all these years. At this point I'm definitely an elder in the youth tribe, but I'm finding that that's a pretty beautiful and sacred place to be. I still have a blast and enjoy connecting with people of all ages, including the "Bugs for Lunch!" crowd.

Speaking of "Bugs for Lunch!", 2016 is the 25th Anniversary of that release! One of the kids on the cover of that CD is my 32 year old son Sam! Time..

I think I should do something in honor of "Bugs...!" turning 25. Any ideas? :) Could be fun...

Please take a look at my calendar and I hope to see you in person at an event sometime soon.

Or create a new one!

Hey it could still happen...

I have a couple of Sunday morning openings in my schedule this Fall that I'd love to fill in if the locations are right, so please don't be shy about contacting me if you'd like to have me come to your congregation on one of those dates. I love to make the most of the time when I'm on the road so if you're interested in having me at your congregation on either of these Sunday locations in October than please be in touch and let's see what might be possible.

Open Dates: October 2nd in Wisconsin or the midwest and October 23rd in the New England area.

I know! We'd need to jump right on it so please make contact if you'd like to pull it off!

As always, my heart overflows with gratitude to all of you who listen to my music, share it with others, and who take the time especially to see me live, open up doors of ministry, or tell let me know that my music is important to them.

Thanks everyone. I'll be in touch!

Bryan Sirchio
September 14, 2016

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