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Shadrach, Meshak, and Abednego

"Shadrach, Meshack, And Abednego"

I'm gonna tell you a little story 'bout 3 young men
Who would not do what a bad law said
The bad law said that they could not pray
But the 3 young men prayed anyway

Well those 3 guys sure had lots of faith
But they also had some funny names
One was named "Shadrach" (Shadrach)
"Meshack" (Meshack)
"Abednego" (Abednego)
You know I knew a little girl a few years ago
Who called them "Shadrach, Meshack, and To Bed We Go"

Oh Shadrach, Meshack, Abednego
Would not worship the god of gold
Shadrach, Meshack, Abednego
The king said, well then you're gonna get thrown
Into the fire -- Hot! Hot! Hot!
But you don't get burned when you trust in God
The God who took good care of Shadrach, Meshack, Abednego

(Repeat Chorus)

Well those soldiers who threw those men in the fire
Said, "Holy Smokes! Something's going haywire!
We know we only threw 3 men in the furnace
But there's 4 now there, and not one of them's burning!"



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 2003.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 14 years ago

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