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Dear Mr. Eisner

"Dear Mr. Eisner"

Mr. Michael D. Eisner CEO
The Walt Disney Company
500 Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-0752

Dear Mr. Eisner,

I've recently heard about
your workforce in developing nations
I've also just learned the rather staggering terms
Of your own CEO compensation
But first let me thank you - you see I grew up
With Mickey Mouse and Goofy and the rest of the club
I've always seen Disney as a positive force
But that's why I was shocked and appalled all the more
To find out that your workers in third world sweatshops
Are working for starvation wages
Don't get me wrong-I mean they really need the jobs
And I commend you for the work you've created
But the 2 to 3 bucks that you pay them each day
Is not enough to keep food on their plates
I hear 97 thousand dollars is your hourly wage
Are you 346,000 times worth more than they?

Well I wish we could talk face to face
I'd like to listen and explain to you why
If Disney won't pay a real living wage
You won't get a dollar of mine
I won't go to your theme parks, your movies or stores
I'll tell folks that Mickey Mouse rips off the poor
If Disney won't pay a real living wage
You won't get a dollar of mine

Dear Mr. Eisner, I do understand
The business of subcontract labor
But you and I know, the power's in your hands
To change subcontractor's behavior
So I appeal to you now on the firm basis of
The biblical ethics of justice and love
Its clear that your margins are healthy enough
To afford a wage increase that's modest but just


Mr. Eisner, I mean you no disrespect
I know your stockholders demand dividends
So I want you to know that I'd gladly pay more
For clothes that aren't made by exploiting the poor
Mr. Eisner, I don't mean to single you out
But you're a symbol of what this whole system's about
And I pray you'll find courage to do what is right
But until you do let me say one more time



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1999.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 14 years ago

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