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Live The Ten

Now I know you've all heard of the 10 commandments, but have you
taken time to understand them? They're more than a list of rules
to memorize, they're the Holy Torah--a way of life. Now I've laid
down a rhythm and it's bumpin', burnin'--move your body while you
do some learnin'. First I'm gonna give 'em to you right out straight
and then I'm gonna take time to elaborate. You gotta...

Live the 10 -- intend to live!
Live the 10 -- intend to live!
(gonna live the 10 commandments--give my spirit to the God of Grace)

In the 20th chapter of Exodus, it's plain what God expects of us
It says 1--no other gods; 2--no graven image; 3--don't take God's name in vain
4--honor the Sabbath; 5--honor your parents; 6--thou shalt not kill;
7--no adultery; 8--thou shalt not steal; 9--don't bear false witness;
10--thou shalt not covet


Now check this remember right off there's only one Lord,
And I didn't say two and I didn't say four and whatever you do you
don't bow down before anything you make with your hands. And when
you smack your thumb hard with a hammer someday don't get all mad
and shout out God's name, 'cause God's not to blame for your lousy
aim and that's right--that's right! And remember the Sabbath, or
whatever you call it, that means pray and rest--don't be a
playaholic--and you love mom and dad even when they're not wise
and don't ever kill (does that go for flies? Hey that's a good
question man.) And when you marry someday don't you be a cheat, and
don't you ever steal, and don't lie through your teeth, and don't
want the things that your friend's got so bad you'd take it if you
could. And there you have it my friend, if you count 'em there are
10, and might I suggest that you rap it again, but if you have a
little trouble getting all 10 down, Jesus took 10 and made
'em into two somehow, he said
Love God the most, and your neighbor as yourself.
That's right, Love God the most, and your neighbor as yourself

Come on now,


(Repeat 1,2,3, etc.)

I think you got it...


Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
1991, Crosswind Music.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 14 years ago

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