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Sarah's Song

"Sarah's Song"

I took a bunch of teenage pilgrims
A couple of worlds away
To get their first-world adolescent hearts broken open
By the so-called third-world's pain
We played around and laughed a lot
As the Spirit broke open our lives
We ate wine soaked bread
And became a little Body of Christ

There was one young woman, her name was Sarah
She was ready to hear the Spirit speak
From the moment she walked through that orphanage door
She had tears running down her cheeks
They were tears that come from reaching the summit
Of some personal mountain top
Tears that come from being free to feel
What must break the heart of God

About 8 months later
I was doing my wandering troubadour thing
Another church teenage retreat
This one was called a "Youth Happening"
That same girl Sarah was one of the youth leaders
And she was given the task to preach
And in the course of her well crafted message
She said, "I'd like to tell you what happened to me."

She said, Last summer, I volunteered in a Haitian orphanage
For the better part of a week
And my heart got just stolen away
By this little boy who wouldn't let go of me
So I spent most of the week just holding him
And on the last day when I had to leave,
He called me 'mama.' He called me 'mama.' And…

When that orphan called me mama
It was like God was calling my name
And ever since that day
Everything's changed

She said, You know I used to think I'd probably be a chemist
I mean, I had my life all figured out
But ever since I went to Haiti
It's like God turned me upside down
And I think I might do something different now
Like maybe some kind of ministry
Its kind of hard to explain to my parents
'Cause all I know is something happened to me…



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio.
Crosswind Music, 2004.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 16 years ago

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