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Crosswind Music



Straight And Narrow Road

Got a call on the telephone
From a woman I used to know
She said you know I think of you so much
She said she never should've married
When the one she wanted was me
She said sometimes I dream about your touch
And she said she's tired of trying to live up
to what somebody tells her is right
Her husband's gone on business and she'd like
to see me tonight
And I said...

You see I'm driving down this straight and narrow road
And I really don't want to turn to the left or the right
Someone gets hurt every time I take an exit sign
I'll be keepin' my eyes on this straight and narrow road

Got a friend on Wall Street
He said hey listen to me
I've heard some news that's got but you've gotta move quick
So don't be asking your questions
All you need to know is this
An inside friend of mine gave me a gift
This is your chance to make it all now and then you're free
the rest of your life
Are you thinking what you'll do for the kids
come college time?
And I said...


Sometimes I'm tempted by that free way
It's always just an easy turn away
And it's nice to feel those curves
Until you crash and burn
And find that that free way's got tolls to pay (Rom. 6:21-23)
I say...



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1990.
All Rights Reserved.

updated: 16 years ago

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