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Crosswind Music



A Miracle I Need

Lord I know forgiving is your way to be
But I can't seem to find the love this time
The anger and the hurt that's locked away in me
Feels like all that's really mine sometimes
And I know getting even never solves a thing (Matthew 5:38-48)
But sometimes I'd like to make somebody pay

Lord I'm not as holy as you are
There's anger like a cancer in this heart
This time I just can't find the love in me
And forgiveness is a miracle I need

Lately I've been looking at the cross a lot
Thinking of the love you've given me (Romans 5:6-11)
Thinking of the wrong done to the son of God
That everybody's slate could be wiped clean (John 3:16; 1 John 1:7)
And I know that you've taken all my debts away
And I've no right to make another pay (Matthew 18:21-35)


A miracle I need
Take this bitterness from me
Fill my heart Lord with your love
I know your grace is enough (2Cor. 12:9; Phil. 4:13)



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1990.
All Rights Reserved.

updated: 16 years ago

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