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Gentle As A Dove

from Wise As Serpents...Gentle As A Dove (To order CD to be shipped to you select Order/Ship Physical CD;  for downloads select the album title in blue)

People say you've got to be tough if you're gonna get somewhere
Show 'em they can't take you for a fool
Gotta learn to push and to shove if you're gonna get your share
Make 'em think about it before they mess with you
But Jesus as I look at you I see a different way
And it feels so good for me to lift my voice and say

(Chorus) Because of you I can let my guard down
Because of you I've got no games to play and nothin to prove
So help me be more the way you are
Strong enought to be gentle as a dove

People say you've got to be cold in a world of you or me
But I do believe there's a better way
There's a man who lived out a love even death could not defeat
And he taught a new way of understanding strength
So Jesus I am praying for the grace to live your way
Gentle as a dove but strong enough to risk the pain


Bridge: Jesus you embodied God's own strength
Strong enough to give your life away
Strong enough to live for others' sake
Strong enough to cry, strong enough to die


updated: 5 years ago

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