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The Greatest Enemy

"The Greatest Enemy"

Every day my list is long
So many things to do
Calls to return and letters to write
Most of them long overdue
God knows I can't stand to let people down
Or maybe I'm addicted to always trying to please
But lately I find myself thinking about
These words I heard recently

The greatest enemy of God's will for your life
Is all the good things others want you to do
You keep saying yes, 'til there's no time left
To do what you're most deeply called to do
You know, "yes" doesn't mean much if you never say no
Are you doing what you're meant to do?
Don't let the good things take what's best from you

Choices would be much easier
If they were always between
The essential things and the expendable
But its rarely that way it seems
They're between good and best
instead of right and wrong
What good thing will I say no to?
I'll probably disappoint a friend

Should I write that letter, or should I write this song?
How do those words go again...



Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1999.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 14 years ago

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