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No Planet, No Problem

No Planet, No Problem

Words & Music By Bryan Sirchio

I was watching Morning Joe one day on MSNBC

October 28, 2014

I caught a great interview with rocker Graham Nash

He’d written a book about his rock n’ roll past

He talked about his music with Crosby and Stills

He mentioned Neal Young and his awfully strong will

He spoke of Joni Mitchell and the romance they had

And how he loves her still

Someone asked him what his music’s going to focus on now

He said he’d just composed a song about Michael Brown

They talked about Ferguson and when they were done

They said “Of all the social issues what is your number 1?”

He said, “It’s global warming, and saving the earth

We’ve got to deal with climate change for all that we’re worth

Then Mika said, “Of course that issue’s got many sides”

But Graham just smiled and replied…

No planet, no problem

No planet, no problem

There’re other issues and it’s urgent that we solve them but

No planet, no problem

Well you can find that interview and watch it for yourself

He talked about the Kock brothers using their wealth

To purchase politicians and scientists too

Just to make some more money, “How much can they use?”

He said, “We’ve got to get the money out of our politics

I’m sure the Koch brothers also love their grandkids

Well over 90 percent of scientists now agree

Our grandkids will pay for our short-sighted greed and…


Bridge: Then Morning Joe and Graham played guitars

And Graham sang “Teach Your Children well

Their fathers’ hell will slowly go by

Don’t you ever ask them why

If they told you you would cry

So just look at them and sigh”…

Well sometimes it’s hard to get my head around climate change

It’s easy just to push the conversation away

And I’m weary of the way the issue often gets framed

In polarizing, special interest, close-minded games

It’s time for us to find another way to sit down

And have the conversations we need to have now

To even have a chance of slowing this runaway train down


updated: 8 years ago

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