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Ohio Sunset

Ohio Sunset

Words & Music By Bryan Sirhcio

I was driving down this highway in Ohio

In my spirit you could say I was on the run

I was feeling kind of down and kind of lonely

And pretty bad about some stupid stuff I’d done

I was questioning if God even existed

Or if religion’s all some psychological trip

But then I looked across the rolling Midwest farm fields

And in the colors of the sunset God told me this (something like this)

I want you to know I’ve been thinking of you

And I don’t like this distance between us

And I don’t want to let this sunset today

Without somehow letting you know

That I will always love you

And that won’t change, whatever you do

So wherever you go… I just want you to know

It’s been years since that sunset in Ohio

But still I feel the impact of that day

The day I realized I’m loved with no conditions

And that’s been changing me in ways I can’t explain

All I know is that the more that Love gets in me

The less I want to just let time slip by

Whenever I get feeling far away from

Someone I care about, and that is why (that’s why my friend)


updated: 8 years ago

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