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Faith History

Jesus in the line of David, Holy One the Jews awaited
But some couldn't recognize a different kind of Christ
Pharisees and Pontius Pilate got together, crucified him
Blood shed, sacrifice, God's love paid the price
Friday was a bummer, Saturday grave
then early Sunday morning, everything changed
(yeah that's when everything changed)

50 days from the cross, Holy Spirit, Pentecost
Strong Wind tongues of flame, Church was born that day
Early Church met in homes, goods were shared and bread was broken
Priests mad, so was Rome, Peter jailed, Steven stoned
Saul was using force, he thought that he was right
God knocked him off his horse -- and then he saw the Light

My faith has a history
There's a line that leads to me
Standing in the legacy of faith
Faith history

Word is spreading wider, wider Paul becomes a letter writer
Roman persecution time, Church is underground
Constantine in 313, Church becomes a legal thing
Pope strong, organize, scripture getting canonized
Council of Nicea -- the Trinity's in place
380 Theodosius -- the Church is now the state
(yeah that's a dangerous thing!)

Docetism, gnosticism, threaten to create a schism
"Fully God and fully mad" bishops writing creeds
Ambrose taking care of business, emperors still need forgiveness
Augustine of Hippo, Attila Hun and Leo
Mohammed's now a prophet -- he takes the Middle East
Crusader's fighting back -- a bloody, bloody scene


8-0-0 and Charlemagne, crowned by Pope on Christmas day
Makes his conquered people choose--baptism or death
Schism's 'great' in '54; East and West are friends no more
Aquinas writes theology -- he does it systematically
By end of Middle Ages the Church has grown corrupt
It might have been the money -- or just a power lust
(yeah, sounds familiar...)

Renaissance and education, scientific exploration
People get to questioning the Church authority
Wycliffe in the British Isles, said we all should read the Bible
John Huss -- Word's enough -- Truth can come to anyone
Then there's Martin Luther -- he nailed it on the head
Salvation through believing -- that's what the Bible says
(yeah--that's what the Bible says)

Reformation, confrontation, through the European nations
Read the Bible, keep it simple, sing a new song
Zwigli fights in Switzerland, Calvin's Presbyterian
See the Anabaptists saying no to taxes
Purify the institution, Separatists in Massachusetts
George Fox, inner light, Friends meet, equal rights
Wesley and the Methodists, Whitefield the evangelist
Missionaries to the tribes -- alcohol and genocide
And blacks on the plantations see through the masters' lies
They're worshipping God who hears the people cry (Ex.3:7-8)


Faith history, her-story (repeat)


Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
1991, Crosswind Music.  All Rights Reserved.

updated: 14 years ago

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