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Who Is He To You?

You've heard a lot about Jesus ever since you were a kid
All those things he said and did so long ago
But now that you've gotten older--old enough to understand
Why they crucified that man, what does it all mean?
And that's a question worth asking
Who is Jesus to you?
Who is he to you?

Sometimes it's so familiar--you're in church most every week
And you say that you believe, but what's the big deal?
But stop minute and wonder--hey what if all those stories are true?
If Jesus died for you, how will you respond?
And when you listen deep inside you
Is someone knocking at the door?
The door of your heart (listen closely...'cause)

It's one thing to hear it and another to believe
And there are some who just get near it (Matt.7:21; Lk.6:46ff)
And there are others who receive
And in a world full of questions let this be one you pursue
Who is Jesus Christ to you?
Who is he to you?

Everybody's got questions; I've got plenty of my own
Some have answers and some don't and some take time...
But I don't need all the answers to say yes to Jesus Christ
And I plan to spend my life just following him
'cause in my heart I know that Jesus
Holds the keys to life in his hands
My life's in his hands (yes it is)


Jesus is standing, knocking at the door (Rev.3.20)
Let the Lord of Love come in
(a question that's worth asking--who is Jesus Christ to you?)


Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio
1991, Crosswind Music.

updated: 14 years ago

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