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If you've heard me live in concert or at a worship service or retreat you've probably heard me say something about my work with grassroots organizations in Haiti.

Most of the work unfolds under the umbrella of an organization called "Haiti Allies." You can find out more about this organization and how you can join our efforts by visiting our website

Very briefly, Haiti Allies promotes education and food in Haiti. We help support an elementary school (Community School of Cite Soleil or "CSCS") and feeding program in one of Haiti's most impoverished and volatile shanty towns on the outskirts of Port au Prince called "Cite Soleil."

We also help oversee a sponsorship program called "SPARE"-- Sponsorship Program Aiding Relationships and Education. Through the SPARE program students are paired up with sponsoring individuals or communities in the U.S. who support students financially and relationally as they continue their education through secondary and university level. Several of the SPARE graduates are now teachers at CSCS or on staff with SPARE in some capacity.

Most recently we've been working on an exciting project called the "Karma Yoga Bag Project." We are helping our Haitian partners build a factory at the school that will employ parents of students to convert discarded rice and sugar bags into yoga mat bag for sale here in the U.S. This is a great example of one of our key principles, and that is to break the cycles of dependency (financial and otherwise) that so often characterize "charity" in among the poor. Select this link to view a video that explains what this project is all about.

Probably the most powerful thing Haiti Allies does is offer life-changing group trips to Haiti which we call "Missions of Mutual Exchange." You can read more about these adventures on our website. The trips take place each February and August. Come to Haiti with us! Our next scheduled trip will be from August 6-14, 2019. Please be in touch with me if you'd like to join us and receive more details.



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