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Hearts Full Of Gratitude

from Something Beautiful For God: 24 Songs For Worship and Group Singing (for physical CD select Order/Ship physical CD;  for downloads select the album title in blue)

You've given us so much
 Yet we ask one more thing from you
 Give us the gift of choosing to live
 With hearts full of gratitude

 Let's get to the heart of the matter
 So many things come back to this
 There's nothing that we'll ever point to
 That did not first come as a gift
 The gift to wake up in the morning
 The strength to rise us from our beds

 It's one thing to know about Jesus
 Another to feel Christ within
 Some say there is no greater distance
 Than that which so often exists
 Between just believing in our minds
 And knowing God's love in our hearts

 The Spirit of Christ is upon us
 Proclaiming Good News to the poor
 Redeeming and freeing and healing
 And showing us what life is for
 We're here to have hearts that are burning
 To share all the gifts we've received




updated: 13 years ago

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