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“At last, music that speaks to the heart and breaks open the core message of the Gospel! After ten years of ministry with "teens" in small and large church settings, hearing the prophetic music of Bryan Sirchio comes as a breath of Spirit wind. Whether in ballads that open eyes to the stark realities of poverty, edgy lyrics that inspire young people to the challenge of living faithfully in a broken world, or prayerful reflections that energize young disciples, Bryan sings out the life-affirming mission of our young, twenty-first century church.  If you are blessed to accompany young people in service, immersion, prayer and fellowship, let Bryan's gentle voice stretch their hearts, open their minds, and give them a task that will re-direct their lives...God's loving justice.”

Joe Grant, Associate Director of JustFaith (Former Consultant for Youth Ministry, Archdiocese of Louisville, KY)

“I just received your new Artist's Hand study guide-great stuff! Maren Tirabassi is not only a gifted writer, she knows how to connect with youth!”

Bonnie Moore, Pastor, Trinity UCC, Telford, PA

“Bryan has been performing music for youth who attend our summer camps at Pilgrim Center for over 15 years. His songs express the stories and themes of scripture in ways that are thought provoking and challenging, and the theology of his music really honors what our UCC camp is all about.”

Jeff Puhlmann-Becker, Director of Pilgrim Center, Green Lake, WI

“Bryan's music speaks to children & youth on their level. In a time when many adults ask young people to just "do this, or not do that"-they tend to dismiss the difficulty in making choices and the pain of growing up. Bryan's music recognizes their fears, feelings and validates their sense of self.  At the same time, his songs and stories offer guidance through Christian love and acceptance.  His way of delivering God's message is contagious-keep it coming and thank you!”

Marylou Anderson, First Cong UCC, Sarasota, FL

“We just had a concert last night here at Sacred Hearts in Sun Prairie.  It
was our last class celebration and the teens started out not very focused.
When Bryan told the story and sang about a young man who didn't "fit in"
you could have heard a pin drop.  We are getting great reviews this
morning.  It was a great way to end the program year.  I highly recommend
Bryan for both teens and elementary children.”

Pat Wilcenski, DRE
Sun Prairie, WI

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