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“Bryan’s music is so extraordinary that we created a complete children’s curriculum around it. After years of under whelming and tedious lesson plans, we’ve finally found a way for our children to gain and retain knowledge about key figures and core concepts of the bible. Our children love Bryan’s lively melodies and his gift for storytelling. His grace-filled messages are timeless treasures.”

Heidi Jenkins, Grafton, Wisconsin

“Hey, we used one of your songs from Bugs in the Lunch today at a Sunday school program that the LCC did at Covenant Lutheran Church in Stoughton. The theme was 2 Kings 4: 41-44, you know the one where Elisha feeds 100 men with 20 loaves of barley bread. It was their Consecration Sunday so they wanted us to do a program around sharing. I had literally spent a half day scanning and listening to dozens of kids’ albums looking for a song that the 3-5 year olds could do without luck until I remembered that you had made 2 kids’ records. Sure enough, in your Bugs cd, there were two perfect songs, One for You and You Gotta Put in the Hands of Jesus. We went with the first one (although I like the second a lot) and I made up some hand motions to go with. I have it on video, but it’s too large to download without zipping it (which I don’t know how to do). Anyway, I listened to a lot of kids’ music and yours is like totally crazy brilliant. They’re catchy, but not dumbed down like most of the songs I listened to and the kids’ were totally able to pick it up at the first run.”

Sherri Hansen, Madison, WI

“Bryan mixes good stories with jazzy tunes.”

Brendan Grant, 12 years old, Louisville, KY

“Bryan's love for God's Word and his heart for people, especially children, are beautifully echoed in the songs he writes and sings. His music inspires, teaches, and mostly moves the heart to seek the Maker and the greater purpose for which we were made.
We have used Bryan's music at home and in our children's ministry at church as a tool to teach and memorize Scripture. What fun it has been!”

Heidi Viars, Green Lake, Wisconsin

“I bought "Bugs For Lunch!" and "Worms In The Bread!" while you visited Calvary UCC in Twin Lakes and put them in my car where I knew my 4 year old grandson would see them.  The first time he listened he was completely absorbed.   He's now learning to sing HIS music, along with you. Knowing the success that these CD's inspire, I've decided to share a set of these CD's with his parents, and his daycare-and I'm also going to keep a set on hand for gift giving.  Thank you!

Joan M. Soneth

“Bryan's songs present meaning-filled messages, using understandable stories and words, put to creative melodies and invite singing along. I used a number of Bryan's songs in our peace-values summer church program and the kids just loved them.”

Anne Walter, Director of Religious Formation, St. William Church, Louisville, KY

“Thank you for your music. We learned of you through Lisa Armstrong (missionary) while we were in Honduras. Our oldest grandson sang "God's Green Earth" at a church last April and the response was great.  Since we have three daughters, I especially appreciate Dinah's Song.  It brings tears to my eyes.  Thank you for meeting the need of mixing good fun music with better theology!”

Sandra Skinner

“Bryan Sirchio, when I go to bed, helps me to pray.”

Aidan Grant, 5 years old, Louisville, KY

“Bryan's songs are catchy, readily singable, and best of all, they ofer kids solid and understandable insights into God's Word.”

Bonnie Moore, Pastor, Trinity UCC, Telford, PA

“Bryan's children's CD's have been a great gift to me and my two sons. Bryan's song, "Wherever Love Is," is the one that's closest to my heart, as I've been singing it to my sons as I rock them to sleep since each of them were infants.”

Rosemary Feerick, Mother, San Jose, CA

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