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"Bryan is one of those rare individuals who is not only a gifted composer and musician, but is also a caring and compassionate person. As the guest musician for our youth rally and conference annual meeting, he came with not one, but two brand-new songs, which were instant "hits" among people of all ages-- people from teens to retirees were holding hands and moving to the music during worship! His lyrics captured the theme of the event wonderfully! Bryan took the time to teach new music to people so they would be comfortable singing it, and before we knew it, he had us all singing along. His open, easy manner invites participation, his willingness to share his own faith is inspirational, and his sense of humor keeps everything lively! I look forward to another opportunity to invite Bryan to join us as our "musician in residence."

Kerryn Oliver,

Associate Pastor

Immanuel Memorial UCC and Jewell UCC

Iowa Conference United Church of Christ

“In the midst of a sea of bad music comes Bryan Sirchio's CD 'J-Walking.'
Music like this could start a movement for justice.”

Tony Campolo, PhD
Eastern University

“In the 20 plus years that I've been a parish pastor, I've referenced Bryan's prophetic music numerous times in sermons: either as quotes to help identify themes of which I believe God wants our awareness or to raise up the person Bryan Sirchio as what it means to live a life that is continually searching for God's truth.  His music and study guides have been a constant presence in Confirmation Classes and the six years of Confirmation Camp I've directed.  I've recently purchased "Something Beautiful for God" to help our congregation explore different genres of music that contain solid theology for our worship.  Bryan's dedication to God, the church and matters of justice speaks loudly in all of his work and I look forward to using his new material in my ministry.”

Rev. Robert C. Patton
Senior Minister,
UCC congregation in the Ohio Conference

“Bryan comes with enthusiasm, humor, energy, and no small measure of faith to share. His music alone is inspiring and uplifting and has the capacity to reach children, youth, and every other category on the age spectrum. Add to the music the personal stories he weaves into his presentation, always with a faithful connection with the Gospel-message, and no one will be left unmoved or untouched. His voice conveys his message in a beautiful, lyrical way. Only one warning: if you invite him to share his music ministry with you once, you'll have him back again.”

The late Rev. Stephen Schuette, former UCC pastor in Elmhurst, IL

“On behalf of the Wisconsin Conference Commission on Christian Faith Formation I want to thank you for your leadership and presence at the Philip Gulley event on March 22, 2014.  Your passion, music and worship set the tone for the hope and intent of this gathering.  We were delighted to have you as a part of our team.

Rev. Deborah Payden

“Bryan Sirchio is an absolute joy!  His songs introduce us to a wide variety of characters - old and young, male and female, confident and confused, lost and found.  Through this tapestry of people, situations, and emotions, Bryan evokes images of a Kingdom of God that welcomes in everyone.  That’s how and why he is able to accomplish the extraordinary task of reaching people of all ages all at the same time.  Bryan is simply a very gifted preacher who has his hands resting not on a pulpit but on the strings of a guitar or the keys of a piano.  What he shares is the Gospel.  What he offers is his own heart-felt, faith-filled testimony.  What he sows in the congregations he touches are seeds of justice, grace, forgiveness, and peace.  I have witnessed Bryan’s ministry in several settings and the blessing of his ministry is found not only in the excitement and emotion provided by the performance he gives, but in the faith and inspiration he leaves behind.  His ministry of music makes a lasting impact in calling people to new understandings of our gracious Gospel and new commitment to lives lived out of forgiveness, peace, and justice.”

Pastor Steve Savides
Senior Minister, First Congregational Church, Appleton, WI

“Dear Bryan, I'm so grateful for the leadership you offered during our just completed annual meeting. Your music added profoundly to what was an (badly needed!) uplifting and spiritual meeting. It is a pleasure to participate in singing that lifts the spirit and has content at the same time. God's best to you!”

United Church of Christ Iowa Conference Minister-Rich Pleva

“Thank you so much for such excellent service. I received the music yesterday and I was so impressed. I love Bryan's music, what a blessing he is. I'm a music director for Friedens (Peace) United Church of Christ in New Melle, MO. We are redoing our Sunday School hoping to bring new life to it. Bryan's music will be a part of it. Thanks so much again.”

Ida Gerdiman, New Melle, MO

“God’s Holy Spirit has deeply touched Bryan Sirchio. He presents a wonderful ministry of music and worship, and mixes in a good dose of plain old fun. His songs appeal to kids and adults of all ages. Whether it’s the children’s song “Bugs for Lunch”, or an adult favorite like the tongue in cheek “Perfect Pastor”, Bryan’s songs have a message for everyone.   My personal favorite is the song “Slow Me Down” which speaks to all of us who are caught up in the rush of today’s busy routine. Our church has enjoyed Bryan’s ministry for the past 20 years and he is welcome back anytime. I highly recommend Bryan’s musical ministry to any church.

Ron and Pam Moersfelder, Burlington, WI

“On mulitple occassions Rev. Sirchio, or Bryan as he prefers, has inspired and remiinded our congregation of how God is more present in our every day lives then we realize, and how much more we can be the hands of God in a broken world then we presently acknowledge.  Through his musical gifts, message and a warm- humorous- spirit Bryan has a unique way of both challenging and affirming both those set in their ways and those who are more impressionable; giving all something to consider.  We, and I, have been truly blessed by having Rev. Sirchio, or Bryan, in our midst, and we look forward to having him return in the future.

Associate Pastor Todd Mushaney, St. Paul UCC, Pekin Illinois

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