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Grace Chose You

You were loved long before you were able
To know for yourself what love is
You were bathed in the Light of the Savior
Before you believed God exists
Your baptism was a sign and a symbol
of Grace God has lavished on you
You were fully received long before you believed
Before you were able to choose
Grace chose you
You won't remember what happened today
So we'll remember it for you
We'll tell you all about the promises made
On your behalf to support you
Someday you'll make decisions on your own
We pray somehow this day will help you know... that
Grace Chose Me
Grace Chose You
Before we could choose
Grace chose me and you
The Church received you and promised to be
With you to nurture your learning
Touched you with water of Christ's Mystery
Blessed you with grace for your journey
Someday where you begin to think things through
We pray the day you were baptized...
Will be a sign to you… that

updated: 14 years ago

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