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Empty Chair

Empty Chair

Words & Music By Bryan Sirchio

Back when he was 8 years old, he fell while climbing a tree

The doctor said this broken are will need some surgery

The little boy was frightened, and so his mother said a prayer

He said mom, sometimes I try to pray, but I can’t when I get scared

And then he mother just said this…

When you’re not sure how to pray, just find an empty chair, and think of Jesus there

And talk to him just like a friend who’s always there

In the empty chair

The little boy became a man, and had his own family

His daughter once fell off her bike, and was rushed to emergency

In the hospital waiting room, feeling lost and anxious and scared

He closed his eyes and tried to pray, but there words were just not there

And then he remembered what his mother had said…


Bridge:  Well his daughter pulled through fine, and the years kept rolling by

           And his mother’s eyes grew dim, and then her mind began to fail

           It got to where she didn’t even know her own son’s name

           But he always stopped to visit, and before he’d leave he’d say (now remember mom)


The doctor called one morning, and he said, you’re mom’s gone home

She passed away while sleeping;  it was a peaceful way to go

One thing kind of strange though;  the nurse who found her said

That your mother’s head was resting on this chair next to the bed


Tag:  What a friend we have in Jesus;  all our sins and griefs to bear

           What a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer

updated: 6 years ago

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