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New Worship Music Package! (To order the CDs and package to be shipped, select the "Order/Ship Physical Package" tab. Songs and sheet music can be downloaded.  Full package must be shipped).

Have you heard about my new worship music package?

"Something Beautiful For God: 24 Songs for Worship and Group Singing" is now available!

Ideal for congregations looking for new worship music with language and theology that "fits" traditional or mainline churches!

The package ($59.00 plus $6.00 postage and handling) includes the following 4 items:

  • The "Something Beautiful For God" Songbook (piano & guitar arrangements)
  • Fully Produced CD of all 24 songs
  • Accompaniment Tracks CD (music without the vocals)
  • CD with Lyrics in PowerPoint, Word docs and PDF Files of bulletin insert size melody line and lyrics.
Here are some details about the contents of this package:

1. The "Something Beautiful For God Songbook (24 songs for worship and group singing with theology that "fits" mainline churches—the songbook has piano arrangements for each song, guitar lead sheets and chord diagrams, and comes with a CD that has the piano and acoustic guitar accompaniment without the vocals on it for each song). This songbook enables churches that don't have a "worship band" to use the songs with just an organ, piano, and/or guitar. This is a great initial step from traditional music to more contemporary sounding songs without blowing people away with a full band if a congregation isn't ready for that or interested in going in that direction. Comes with complete copyright permission to copy in any way desirable for ministry purposes, and complete permission to use the songs in worship without further registration or record keeping requirements. ($38)
2. A CD that has all 24 songs from the songbook fully produced the way I would do them with a worship band in church. This way you can hear what they're supposed to sound like, and band members can get some ideas for their parts and the groove of the song. Plus, it's a great listen as an album on it's own. ($15)
3. A CD that has the full band music for each song on it without the vocals for churches that might want to sing along with the CD by running the CD through their sound system. Great for churches that want a more "rock" sounding worship at times but that don't have musicians to play the songs. ($12)
4. A CD that has each song in PowerPoint for churches that have big screens and are projecting lyrics. The lyrics are also in Word Documents so that the lyrics can be printed in other formats or for other purposes. This CD also includes PDF files of bulletin insert size lead sheets (the music and lyrics) for each song so that the notation can be included as an insert in church bulletins. This makes it much easier for the congregations to learn some of the songs—at least for those who can read musical notation. ($10 by itself)
The total value of items in this package is $75. At $59.00 plus $6.00 shipping/handling this is a great deal and a huge value!

The Worship Songs CD alone is available for $15 plus 1.99 postage and handling.

It is actually less than $3 per song, and you have each song in 7 different formats, along with unlimited copyright permission to use all the songs and the resources in any way you like for ministry purposes. I'm really excited to offer this to church leaders who are looking for a comprehensive source of new songs for worship with theology that's inclusive, encouraging, justice loving, creation affirming, and that works in both mainline Protestant and Roman Catholic churches.

So give me a call or e-mail me again if you're interested in ordering this package, or any of the individual items from it. If you already have my songbook, I'll gladly mail you the other items in the package for $21 plus postage.
Grace and Peace, and I hope this music is a blessing to you and your congregation.

And, if you're looking for more worship music with great theology and language, be sure to visit my new company The Convergence Music project

Bryan Sirchio

updated: 6 years ago

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