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Youth Ministry Research Report

In 2000 I did some research on what I considered to be "thriving youth ministries" throughout the U.S. I summarized this research in a 20 minute report I gave to the Wisconsin Conference of the UCC in June, 2000. The report was called, "Ten Marks of Thriving Youth Ministries." Yeah that was 18 years ago now, but the basic findings are still relevant and many are still finding it very useful, so that's why I'm making it available here.

And remember, I've got two albums "Come As U R!" and "Artist's Hand" that still work great with teens.  

They both come with study guides that turn each song into a youth group or confirmation class study session.  

To see the report click on the "Lyrics" tab on this page. I know, not exactly a lyric but for now that's how to find it!

updated: 6 years ago

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