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from Wise As Serpents...Gentle As A Dove (To order CD to be shipped to you select Order/Ship Physical CD;  for downloads select the album title in blue)

Strands In The Web

Praise the Creator for the sun in the sky
Gift to all peoples and nations
Praise for the cycles and seasons of life
Brother and sister creation
Praise for the trees and the sap and the seeds
Praise for the good food we eat

And the Mother will always provide
For a people who treat her with care
Every being and thing will survive
When we're strands in the web of all life

Praise for the waters which fill up our wells
Praise for the balance of nature
Praise for the person who loves more than self
Praise for the gift of a neighbor
Praise for the elders who teach us to share
Praise for the will to be fair


Praise for the truth which can set captives free
From prisons of misunderstanding
Praise for the people now able to see
The embers of hate they were fanning
Praise for the rights of all peoples on earth
Praise for respect they deserve


The gift of creation will flourish and thrive
When we're strands in the web of all life




Music & Lyrics by Bryan Sirchio
Crosswind Music, 1990, all rights reserved

updated: 12 years ago

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