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Christmas Special Deal # 3:  Any 5 CDs for $47.99!

Any 5 CDs for $47.99! Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Crosswind Music.

Choose any combination of 5 CDs from my catalogue and you get all five, plus all shipping, handling, and sales taxes, for $47.99!!

It is important you you email me immediately through this website or at after you pay for this with your credit card and let me know which five CDs you'd like. Please feel free to request that they be signed, and if you'd like a specific message or a dedication to a specific person(s), please be sure to let me know!

Also, please email me or call at 608-577-8716 if you'd like to order more than 5 CDs or if you have any questions about how to total your order in order to get the best price.

I'll gladly give you an additional discount on larger orders!

Note: A FREE copy of "December Recollections" will be included with the other 5 CDs you choose, but you can use this 5 CD package deal for any of my CDs including "December Recollections." So to be clear, if you ordered 5 copies of "December Recollections" here then you'd receive 6 copies--you still get the extra one free.

updated: 1 year ago

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