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J-Walking:  Songs For Justice Walkers

cover of J-Walking:  Songs For Justice Walkers


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Crosswind Music, 2004.  All Domestic and International Rights Reserved.

A wonderful ministry organization called "Just Faith" gets the credit for taking the initiative to put this compilation of "Songs For Justice Walkers" together. Quite simply, Just Faith wanted to make almost all of my "justice" related songs available on one CD in order to use with their "Just Parish" program. They chose 14 songs of mine that had been previously recorded, and I added 4 songs which had not been recorded (Sarah's Song, I See You, Green World, and Stand With You) previously. The result is this 18 song compilation which is now among my best selling recordings. I hope these songs are meaningful and moving to you...

All Music and Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio.  

updated: 7 years ago

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